Message from Honourable Minister of Education of State of Birland Government


Dear Students, Professors, and Staff.


As the Minister of Education of the State of Birland, it is an honor to express my thoughts about GEPEA UNIVERSITY. Education is a privilege, and education is a key for everyone to be better prepared for life as global contemporary issues are affecting us all for better or for worse. We must stay competitive by continuously improving our knowledge and skills, to confront new challenges that need special attention expeditiously. We need, albeit, and must establish priorities to obtain well-trained academically and committed people to subsequently establish aligned strategies with our societies and be able to better the quality of life. It’s my strong feeling that students, professors and staff at GEPEA UNIVERSITY are merged with the true academic spirit, to meet world educational challenges.

GEPEA UNIVERSITY offers students the possibility, wherever they are, to prepare online via vanguard AI systems, with globally qualified personnel, that overpasses the standard of world market demands. GEPEA makes it feasible for students to become ready for their future, by learning through top academic programs ahead of the curve. Professors and staff will allow you, students, to become ready to create your own opportunities through the education you will receive. Yes, it takes a lot of work, but by applying yourself to your academic commitment, you can become better prepared to accomplish any dream you have.

I wish everyone the best experience at GEPEA UNIVERSITY where you will, indeed, obtain the knowledge, skills, and values that will help you become successful in your professional life…


H.E. Prof. Miguel A. Pinzon, PhD, MBA
Minister of Education
State of Birland