Short Course Training – Dual Certificate Training Courses:

For any of the following course (After completion of online training) student will get dual/two certificates such as one instant online certificate from EUEF “European Information Federations” and the other Certificate from GEPEA – “Global Educational & Professional Excellence Academy”. In order to achieve the second digital or printed or hard copy certificate from GEPEA, you have to write an E-mail (Mention in Email Subject:  EUEF Course Completion) to in order to get your GEPEA verified Digital Diploma Certificate via email at the earliest convenience. Financial: Cost of each two courses are separate, you have to pay fee to EUEF online during course registration and then for the second certificate you have to pay to GEPEA, when you’ll write an Email to GEPEA then GEPEA Administrative Office will send you an Invoice and Payment instructions respectively. *** Hard Copy certificate may be requested to GEPEA. For this an additional Certificate Printing cost and International Shipping cost is required.

Instructions to complete the course:  1) You have to watch recorded video lessons and then,

2) Have to complete ASSIGNMENT and then finally and instantly,

3) CERTIFICATE ( You should get yours desired Digital Certificate).

Short Course Title/Topic:

In order to start your study please clink on the below link of “Short Course Title/Topic”.

Creative Nonfiction Course
Speaking Skills Course
Applied Inquiries Investigations and Immersions Course
Law on Public Officers Course
Career Development Course
Teaching Profession Course
Criminology Reviewer Course
Anatomy and Physiology Course
Comprehensive Human Resources and Career Course
Introduction to HRD Course
Strategic Staffing Course
Interview and Resume Course
Talent Management Course
Career Planning Course
System Analysis Fundamental Course
Resume and Interview Preparation Course
Career Planning Management Course
Communication Skills Course
Pre-School Assessment Course
Career Guidance Course
Society Culture and Responsible Parenthood Course
Communication Skills Basic Course
Advanced Supervisory Skills Course
Basics of Selling Course
Nutrition Course
Media Advertising and Marketing Course
Detailed Marketing Course
Ecommerce Course
Marketing Management Course
Resume Writing Secrets Course
Media Planning Course with Sample Marketing Lessons
Virtual Marketing Course
Advertising Course
Cloud Computing Course
Health Tips Course
Managerial Skills Course
Human Resource Management Course
Investment Management Course
Comprehensive Financial Literacy Course
Trade Unions Course
Taxation Review Course
International Business Course
Foreign Trade Policy Course
Foreign Exchange Management Course
Trade Unions Course
World Trade Law Course
International Trade Business Course
International Financial Management Course
Nursing Management Course
Social Media and Library Course
Writing Lessons
Teaching Basic Elements
Realism and Education
PsychoSocial-Theories and Therapy
Problem Solving and Training
Management of Classroom
Learning and Facilitating Approach
Learning and Development of Human
Language and Teaching
Introduction to Nursing
Everything About Addiction Treatment
Educational Psychology Theories and Practices
Contracting Practices for Business
Comprehensive Gerontology Course Combined with Human Development and Learning
Child Respiratory and Care
Basics of Cyber Security
Brain and Learning for Preschool
Development of Curriculum Course