Honorary degrees mainly are non-academic qualifications that are bestowed upon distinguished professional individuals who have contributed significantly to their fields or community and/or their professions.  Awarding Honorary Degrees is an internationally common practice in many renowned academic institutions and universities around the globe, the Global Educational & Professional Excellence Academy (GEPEA) also has a unique system of awarding Honorary Degrees to outstanding professional individuals.

Honorary awards, Honorary degrees can be varied in the following fields:

  • Ph.D. Honorary ( Honoris Causa) available in different disciplines/majors.
  • M.Phil Honorary ( Master of Philosophy) , different disciplines/majors available.

Honorary Master degree can be granted for an individual’s particular area of specialty.

  • Honorary Master of Business Administration;
  • Honorary Master of Education;
  • Honorary Master of Philosophy;
  • Honorary Master of Science;
  • Honorary Master of Arts; 

  • Honorary Bachelor or Honors degree can be granted for an individual’s particular area of specialty.

    • Honorary Bachelor Degree (Honors/Pass) in Business Administration/Business Studies/Business Management/Management etc.;
    • Honorary Bachelor of Education;
    • Honorary Bachelor of Philosophy;
    • Honorary Bachelor of Science;
    • Honorary Bachelor of Arts in different areas such as LLB, Sociology, Development Studies, Political Studies and so on ;

    Moreover, because GEPEA EUROPE can only award honorary degrees to very few distinguished professional people, there are very strict guidelines that are followed in making the final approval decision. For more information please email at GEPEA AWARD COMMITTEE:   gepea.official@gmail.comoffice@gepea.eu 

    What is the VAE?

    The VAE, or “Validation of Acquired Experience”, or (Validation des acquis de l’expérience) is an admission procedure for university studies that enables a person, based on his/her experience, to request admission to a diploma or certifying training programme.

    The VAE is intended for any individual who does not have the required titles for access (1st or 2nd cycle diploma), but who is able to demonstrate 5 years of professional or work or personal life experience relevant to the target programme, years of university studies only being able to be taken into account by year of 60 credits earned, but not surpassing two years.

    We use on the “Bologna process” 3/5/8 System (Magna Charta of European University ), adopted which is common and  by 40 countries including the 29  European countries.

    Please you may read the VAE UNESCO’s News at this link: https://uil.unesco.org/document/france-rva-country-profile-education-and-training

    For the following degrees please use the formula: 3 years of qualified work or life experience = 1 year of University studies.

    Under the French or Europe VAE or “Validation of Acquired Experience” or (Validation des acquis de l’expérience), GEPEA EUROPE only approves and accredited Honorary Degrees for the following levels (Except Honorary Degrees GEPEA offers other regular degrees non-traditional through earned or APEL Process and Thesis):

    Honorary Associate-Cycle Universitaire de 2 ans (UNESCO ISCED level 5): May be considered equivalent to a US Associate Degree from a regionally accredited Institution of Higher educationRequirements: 6 years of work experience or completion of one year of University studies + 3 (Three) years of work experience.

    Honorary Bachelor Cycle Universitaire de 3 ans: (UNESCO ISCED level 6): May be considered equivalent to a US Bachelor Degree, a Laurea (Italy) or a Vordiplom (Germany)  from a regionally accredited institution of higher education.  The total of University studies (Regular or/and through the work experience formula) should be 3 (Three) years.

    Honorary M.A., M.Sc., MBA, Magistère, LL.M. (UNESCO ISCED level 7): May be considered equivalent to a US Master from a regionally accredited institution of higher education as well as a UK Master DegreeKandidate Naouk (Russia), The total of University studies (Regular or/and through the work experience formula) should be 5 (Five) Years.

    Honorary Executive Doctorate in Business Administration (EDBA) UNESCO ISCED level 8) Our GEPEA VAE jury may grant such degree if you have only 6 years of professional experience after the Master, 12 years after a Bachelor and 21 (Twenty-one) years if you have no higher education diploma.

    Honorary Ph.D. Doctor of Philosophy (UNESCO ISCED level 8): May be considered equivalent to a PhD. /Dottorato/Dr. Naouk. The total of University studies (regular or through the work experience formula) should be 8 (eight) years minimum. Could be also granted through the VAE.

    Honorary Post-Doctoral Degree (HDR): For Doctorate degree holders 8 or equivalent) having done research (Previously Researched and unpublished or unpresented for any degree or award).

    VAE candidates must submit an application retracing their career path, both professional and personal.

    It will be submitted to the jury board of GEPEA EUROPE, which reserves the right to invite you to an interview and to implement any evaluation procedure it deems useful.

    For each honorary application the applicant should provide:

    – ID (Identity Card with Photo ID) or Passport’s Color Scan Copy, Documents, Certificate of Employment, Salary stubs, Affidavit, publications, newspaper article, affidavit from  co-workers, etc, proving your work experience. All those documents should be in French or English or translated in one of these two languages.

    – Copies of diploma or transcripts of previous Studies (if existing).  If those studies are not from the USA France or French former colonies, they should be evaluated by a recognized credential evaluator.

    – On-line payment of the application fees.

    To prepare your application, contact Jury board Head- E-mail:  gepea.official@gmail.com , office@gepea.eu

    Continuing Education Unit of GEPEA:

    Continuing Education Unit

    VAE also allows access to training courses that do not lead to academic degrees (certificates, non-certifying courses, etc.). For more information on this matter, please consult the catalogue of certification courses online. For non-certifying courses, we invite you to consult the respective faculty head of GEPEA. E-mail: gepea.official@gmail.com , office@gepea.eu

    For details understanding about VAE process, please visit here: How informal and non-formal learning is recognised in Europe  [1] https://www.bertelsmann-stiftung.de/fileadmin/files/BSt/Publikationen/GrauePublikationen/LL_France_FINAL_Web.pdf

    [2] The recognition of prior learning throughout Europe : https://epale.ec.europa.eu/en/blog/final-focus-vae-and-phd

    [3] Recognising Experiental Learning: Practices in European Universities


    [4] Validation des Acquis de l’Experience


    [5] VAE in higher education https://vince.eucen.eu/validation-in-europe/france-2/

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