GEPEA EUROPE is governed under CAE 85420 (Ensino Superior i.e. Higher Education), This Economic Activities Code comprises higher education activities (University and Polytechnics) to which qualified individuals with a secondary education or equivalent have access and individuals over twenty-three years of age who, without the aforementioned qualification, reveal qualifications through the provision of tests. In this teaching, the degrees of Bachelor, Licentiate, Master and Doctorate Degree can be obtained and CAE 85591 (Formação/Qualificação Profissional i.e. Professional Training/Qualification), This Economic Activities Code, Rev.3, refers to Vocational Training. At GEPEA EUROPE, Global Educational & Professional Excellence Academy (GEPEA), to train, educate and develop skills of highly interested participants/attendees/students, expressing appreciation & honor is an indispensable part of how we create a global community and honor the innovative research, scientific findings, rigid work and dedication of all such talented individuals. Our recognition strategy is guided by a mission statement and goals that direct how the GEPEA EUROPE appreciate or thanks, individuals.

GEPEA UNIVERSITY is Nationally Accredied University, GEPEA University is partnered/recognized with NAQEZ (National Action for Quality Education in Zambia), GEPEA University is committed to be globalized Higher Academic Institution, that’s why GEPEA became registered private company limited by shares in Africa, Zambia, consisting Companies Registration No. 120230051826, Serial No. 1278855, dated 9th June, 2023.

MISSION: GEPEA EUROPE’s Recognition Program exists to enlighten, celebrate everyone who contributes to the fulfillment of the mission.

The GEPEA EUROPE is extremely dedicated to excellence in undergraduate, postgraduate and Doctoral Levels of education and engages students holistically to learn, develop and flourish.


Believing that through great work great individuals really deserve respect and appreciation, we empower leaders to recognize individuals and nurture their good deeds, and we create opportunities that bring our global community together to express gratitude and thanks.

  • To prepare the next generation of executives, faculties, and leaders;
  • To honor the contribution, dedication, and commitment of GEPEA EUROPE participants/attendees/students
  • To award in order to develop individual’s inspiration, give encouragement to contribute further in the respective fields on a larger scale,
  • To spread recognition, awards from poor to rich, and for all levels of community peoples (We respect every race, sex, religion, and nation).
  • To Improve research quality, productivity and impact.
  • To support our unique efforts as an ACADEMY of choice


VALUES:  The GEPEA EUROPE is guided by its several core values:

  • Excellence
  • Academic freedom
  • Curiosity
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Mutual respect and human dignity
  • Diversity and inclusivity
  • Personal accountability and social responsibility
  • Professional image and status
  • A sense of community
  • Civic engagement and service

PLEDGE OF EXCELLENCE: As an international service provider we maintain a commitment to excellence in daily performance, quality control, and professionalism. Our pledge to all includes life-long learning(CLL), critical thinking(CT), Guaranteed Professionalism and Reliability, Great value addition through responsible management.

GEPEA Education Motto:

GEPEA was established supported UN (United Nations) Articles 26 (1): Everyone has the right to education…….. Elementary education shall be compulsory. Technical and professional education shall be made generally available and higher education shall be equally accessible to all on the basis of merit”.

Secondly, GEPEA follows UNESCO Education guidelines, among them the following ones is indispensable:

“…………Higher education, accessible to all on the basis of individual capacity and progressively free, Fundamental education for individuals who have not completed education, Professional training opportunities, Equal quality of education through minimum standards…….”

GEPEA welcomes students from anywhere, any raceethnicitynationality, class, caste, religion, belief, sexgender, language, no discrimination for education. In an age of globalization driven by exponential accelerating technological, social change, and industrial modernization push for more creative and context driven innovation, dynamic and adaptable to anybody, any place and any situation is the need of the day. In this context education system has gone from local to global, one to many and traditional to modern and has become borderless.

Thirdly, GEPEA follows world’s ICON leader’s loved voices about Education and Human Rights,

“For him who follows and path for seeking knowledge, Allah will ease for him the path to Paradise” (Muslim)- The Prophet Muhammad (S.AW.) (PBUH).

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela, South African Civil Rights Activist.

“Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think” – Albert Einstein.

“An intensive Human Rights Education for all communities needs to be provided to overcome the old prejudices” – Ruth Manorama, Indian Activist.

“Education….. is the key to unlocking other human rights” – Katarina Tomasevski, Coratia, UN Special Rapporteur.

“Knowledge will bring you the opportunity to make a difference”- Claire Fagin, American Nurse, Educator, Academics and Consultant.

Lastly, but not the least, GEPEA works on borderless education such as encompasses a wide range of methodologies or pedagogies like On-line distance learning and training, Off-shore campus, Technology assisted teaching.