GEPEA UNIVERSITY in Zambia is nationally accredited, recognized and partnered with NAQEZ (National Action for Quality Education in Zambia), NAQEZ is a non governmental organization, Member of GEAR Alliance, Southern Africa working to promote quality, equitable and inclusive education and to advocate for provision of quality education in Zambia, and UHAWUZ (United Health and Allied Workers Union of Zambia) to provide support for serving health workers, doctors, physicians in Zambia respectively.

The Senate of GEPEA University believes that a well-educated populace is vital for fostering economic growth, delivering efficient public and private services, and alleviating poverty. Zambia has made significant strides in expanding access to higher education. GEPEA University firmly asserts that quality higher education plays a pivotal role in an individual’s life and national development. It represents an investment with returns both for the individual and the nation. To ensure equal and affordable education, the introduction of distance and part-time courses, fees lower than full-time programs, is recommended.

GEPEA UNIVERSITY in Zambia headed by:

Twaambo Elvis Mutinta Honorable MP, Honorary Chairman of the Committee, GEPEA Zambia. Hon MP is a Committee member of Education, Science & Technology at National Assembly of Zambia Government.








Dr. Joel Kamoko, PS Ministry of Education, Lusaka, Zambia Government, Chief Adviser of Committee, GEPEA Zambia.











Dr. Aaron Chansa, ED NAQEZ, Lusaka, Zambia, Director of Quality Assurance in Higher Education GEPEA Zambia.









Bishop Prof Jonathan Zozi PhD

GEPEA University – Zambian Director









Dr. Edward Mukosa

GEPEA University – Zambian Registrar











Dr. James Nyerenda

GEPEA University – Zambian Dean of the Students










Dr. Abigail K. Malukutila PhD

GEPEA University – Zambian Dean of the Students











Prof. Joseph Salangeta Mulonga PhD

GEPEA University – Members of the Committee and Lecturer










Prof John Mumba PhD

GEPEA University – Zambian Chief Adviser and Lecturer










Prof Dr. Mwasama Jestus Changala PhD

GEPEA University – Chief Coordinator/Representative and Associate Professor









Daniel Western Mwimbe (Fellow –

John Hopkins University, USA),


GEPEA University – Faculty at Public Health, Medicine, Biomedical, Health Sciences